Antarctic field and lab photos:  2015-17

Long Duration Balloon over Roberts
Allie at Roberts
Chris pursuing a new line
Gordon at camp (photo: Allie Balter)
seriously old dolerite clast
Allie's cinnamon buns
lunchtime at Roberts
The Mountaineer
en route
Beacon & Maggie
I-177 in The Pit
moraines like vinyl
The Pit, Roberts Massif
9 miles to go
moraines at Roberts
supraglacial debris
Allie & Maggie heading to The Pit
Chris at landing site
tongue of the EAIS
drilling a hole
Maggie installs the GPS
Shackleton Camp
Maggie & Allie at Shackleton
arranging the cargo line
Phil & John, Shackleton
Shackleton Crew
Shackleton Crew, Christmas
Kristen, Shackleton cook
Greg heading home
I-177 heading out
I-177 & Dean, Shackleton
arriving at Shackleton
above Shackleton Glacier
Maggie, Christchurch
Allie, Christchurch
First sight of Antarctica
riding in Ivan
checking the scott tents
in transit
up to Castle Rock
Allie in the food room
Chris cataloguing
Beeker Street
Maggie going under the ice
Allie in the Ob Tube
Skua, McMurdo
waiting to be cancelled yet again
Fat Alberts at Willy Field
Willy Field galley
Greg at Thanksgiving Dinner
I-177 office
cancelled again
Perry & Zach in the wine bar
boarding at Willy Field
en route to Shackleton Camp
starboard engines
frisbee on Shackleton Glacier
Stacie at work
Dean, Shackleton Camp
Henry, KBA pilot
Stacie, Shackleton cook
world's worst jigsaw puzzle
Maggie at Shackleton
Shannon and the basler DC-3
Mike Kaplan at Shackleton
I-177 cargo line
'a series of small walls'
Back at Shackleton Camp
loading Shackleton's freezer
loading the freezer
freezer interior
freezer interior
Mike, waiting at Shackleton
Maggie taking notes on a brisk day
homeward bound, Boxing Day 2015
some small victory for Holly
Misery moraines
Chris assumes the pose
Chris catching rays
Henry's otter at Roberts
above Shackleton Glacier
Maggie at Roberts
Gordon at Roberts
Christmas 2015 at Roberts
Misery Peak, Roberts
no way down
God's Own Tea
condition 1 at Roberts
a brisk day at Otway
Holly's Antarctic bakery
wind storm at Otway
Chris, having installed safety lines
during the storm at Otway
after Mom Peak
wind scoop at Otway
3000 m on an unnamed peak
Holly and Maggie on Mom Peak
scholarly poses
House of Cards, Otway
man with drill in action
Greg installs the GPS
Maggie at Otway
Holly sampling at Otway
now, anything is possible!
en route to Otway
mapping Otway's moraines
plane spotting
grounded otter
LC-130 at Shackleton
15.OTW.151 Till Hill
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