Testing the role of carbon dioxide in the last glacial termination.  The foundation for this investigation is more than a decade of geologic working in the tropical Andes on problems of climate, geomorphology, glaciers, and human land use. Details of these tropical endeavours, including the many collaborators involved over the years...




A more in-depth explanation of our cosmogenic surface-exposure methodology can be found here..

All sample data, including nuclide concentrations, are archived on the Informal Cosmogenic-Nuclide Exposure-Age: Antarctica database (ICE-D).

Gordon Bromley    (University of Maine)

Meredith Kelly        (Dartmouth College)

Alice Doughty         (Dartmouth College)

Daniel Ruiz              (EIA, Medellin)

Sergio Restrepo      (Universidad Nacional)

Norberto Parra       (Universidad Nacional)

Kurt Rademaker     (Northern Illinois University)

Project News and Updates

21 October 2016 - Stay tuned


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