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As a Lecturer in Physical Geography & Climate at NUI Galway, I explore the rigours of glaciation, the vagaries of climate change, and our role as humans in the Earth system.

I completed my PhD in 2010. Since then, I have been pursuing research in Antarctica, Greenland, & the warm bit in between. The majority of my work is field-based by design, requiring days, weeks, or months in remote, often mountainous country. There, I combine geomorphology, mapping, geochemistry, & archaeology - plus much arm waving - to dig deep into our planet's past and to project its (& our) future.  

As a human, these places are also psychologically moving. I like to let my mind wander the same landscapes but on a different plane, and with different tools - pens, pencils, &, watercolour - deriving my inspiration from the knowledge that within even the darkest, most ancient rock face resides a history of titanic dynamism, that ice can crush, & that the forces of nature continue to shape our lives in every way imaginable. To put onto paper or canvas my own impression of what I see is a real joy; it is tonic for the exhausted brain, too.

The camera: First, it was a 35 mm film camera, then a burly Canon 50D. Most of these images derive from the field work that has taken me far & wide, from Antarctica to Greenland, & 15 years in the Andes. Here also are images from the Earth's middle latitudes, a vast and bumpy natural laboratory in which I study the causes & manifestations of abrupt climate change. Thus, from science comes art: a beautifully simple equation.



123A Geography

National University of Ireland Galway

Galway, Ireland

tel. +353 (0)89 983 8097

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Should you be interested in obtaining or displaying art prints/originals or photographs, please contact me.

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