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Signs to order

In 2021, as part of the Moycullen Tidy Towns submission, I created a suite of signs to adorn the Clydagh Bridge on the southern entrance to the village. Each scene is intended to capture an element of the cultural and physical character of Moycullen; eight of the ten signs are now in place on the bridge (though timely, an eleventh sign depicting JCB diggers and rapid urban sprawl didn't make the cut!). I drafted the signs on paper before recreating them in Adobe Illustrator, after which they were printed on steel with the same weather-proof technology as road signs. After 2.5 years they still look great! Photo at right appeared in the Galway Advertiser on 1/7/2021.

Galway Advertiser photograph of new Moycullen signs by Gordon Bromley

In 2019, I created the insignia for our Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit (PRU), which is the centre for climate and environmental studies in the University of Galway's Geography department. The logo depicts Mt. Pulitzer (Antarctica) as the skyline - representing our terrestrial palaeoclimatologists - in front of which is a distinctly aqueous setting with underlying stratified sediments, such as those that form the lacustrine and marine archives of past climate change we seek. And yes, the long leg of the 'R' is indeed a nod towards the coring apparatus we use to extract such sedimentary archives. Nicely nerdy. 

Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit logo, University of Galway, by Gordon Bromley
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